The Daily Shot

Another “365” Project” It’s been done before I know but for my own benefit as much as anything else I wanted to give the “365” project a go. Just in case you don’t know, the objective is to take a photo a day, for the whole year, sounds simple right?

As mentioned this has been done by many talented creative people with which I do not have any intention of competing with, this really is to test myself and hopefully make many discoveries along the way about my skills as a photographer, or lack of them, I’ll let you be the judge of that as you see the photos, 365 photos to be exact.

I have no doubt that it will be a test of my commitment, resolve and patience too as I have several other important goals for this year.

Unlike many other 365 projects I don’t intend to restrict myself to any particular topic or theme, nor do I intend to restrict myself with regard to equipment. In the first instance I do not specialise and enjoy photographing a wide range of topics and subjects from macro to street.

With regard to equipment I will of course make most use of my cameras, a Fuji XT-1 with a few lenses, a Fuji X100T, a Fuji X20 and a Sony RX100M3. In the absence of a camera the odd shot may be captured with my Apple iPhone 6.

I like to keep post processing to a minimum but where necessary I intend to try out some mobile apps on the iPhone and iPad, I have used a couple but never in urnest with the intention of posting the photo for all to see. When on the Mac I’ll use my preferred choice of software which is Lightroom.

Wish me luck, please post comments of both criticism and encouragement.

Please also feel free to ask questions about the photos, my equipment or anything to be honest. I’m hoping that the more interaction I have the easier it will be to maintain interest.

Click the photo to see a larger version and more info, including exif, how it was shot etc.


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