Late Night Care

Been in Hospital for a few days, had an op this morning. Anyway having a bit of trouble sleeping this evening for one reason or another. Across the way from me I noticed Dave (Hospital buddy) getting a little “Late Night Care” just liked how the light isolated the scene.

Always have a camera with me, in this case it was my Sony RX100M3. Fortunately for me it took a few minutes for the dressing to be changed so gave me long enough to find my camera and snap this. It was great out of camera but I took it into Snapseed on my iPad For the square crop and healed a couple of distracting marks, nothing drastic, only a few minutes. I showed them afterwards and they want a copy, only fare.

RX100M3, 1/50 @ f/3.2, ISO2000.

Late Night Care

New pics

Taken a couple today that I am pleased with.

Taken on this mornings dog walk with my X100T, I am a big fan (as many are) of the jpgs out of fuji cameras but this was from the RAW file, taken into LR5 as DNG and edited a little. Its amazing the amount of detail the RAW files capture.

X100T, 1/1250 @ f/4.5, ISO 400




This is Monifa, my 3 year old Ball (Royal) python. This is the jpg cropped slightly on LR. Velvia did a lovely job of bringing out her markings. Light from the window, and as usual Fuji handles the slightly higher ISO nicely. Her name means “I am luck”

XT-1, 1/100 @ f/3.7, ISO 3200, 55-200 @74mm.


Beating of the Bounds

Me and my Wife walked the complete “Beating of the Bounds” route in Westerham today with our dog Blue. A little over 12 miles. According to my phone it took 28,725 Steps and burnt 1700 calories (great!) We set off in the rain which stopped after an hour or two. Sticky going under foot after the rain but still a very enjoyable walk, we’ll do it again next year, anti clockwise next time. All photos taken with my Fujifilm X100T, jpegs straight out of camera, velvia.

You can see all the stats, the route etc HERE

Failed. Sorry

Apologies if you have been eagerly waiting my next photo. For one reason and then another finding the time to get a photo I am happy with to share has proven difficult. I could just snap something on my phone and post it but that was never the objective for me when I started this project, and it is not something I want to fall into. So as for the 365 objective that is no more. I will however share some photos as and when I have something to share. Thanks for following me so far, and please look in from time to time to see what new images I have posted.

Day 105. Seaside

A shot of my Neice (Beth) my Nephew (Luke) and my son (Joe) at the beach. Taken with the X100T.

Day 105

Day 105

Day 103. Got it! Run!

X100T, 1/60 @ f/3.6, ISO 800, macro, Classic Chrome.

Day 103

Day 103

Day 100. Joe

Heres one of my son Joe, with one of our old cats Mickey at the back, taken with the X100T, edited in Lightroom.

Day 100

Day 100

Day 99. Megan

Heres one of Megan my daughter looking all happy and pleased with herself having just picked up her new car. Taken with the X100T, using Classic Chrome, cropped slightly in lightroom.

Day 99

Day 99