Film Photography

Photography is a passion of mine and has led me on a continuous path of learning. Amongst the numerous mediums for study and interest I have been inspired by the “Art of Photography” video podcasts, and “The Photography Show”audio podcasts. If you are interested in photography in any way, then I recommend you look them up, links are on my links page, or a quick Google will find them. The host of the shows is a fan of film photography, which inspired me to want to give it a go again. Had film cameras when I was younger but I wasn’t really as serious about photography then as I am now.

I remember as a child that my Dad had a camera, all I could remember about it was that it was silver, and had a fitted leather looking case. To my amazement after a conversation with my Dad recently it came to light that he still had it. The camera first belonged to my Nan’s cousin who I knew as “Uncle Bob”, who gave it to my Dad in the early 60’s. We have photos of me as a baby taken with it so its at least 43 years old. Needless to say the camera is now in my possession, and I am half way through my first film, an Ilford HP-5, 400.

Can’t wait to see what I have taken. Its all very basic, 2 aperture settings f/8 and f/11, 2 shutter speeds 1/30 and 1/100. No focus so to speak just a dial to set the approx distance on the lens. I have downloaded a free light meter app on my iphone to give me an idea, tested it along side my canon and its close enough, just until I have a few films through it and know whats going on.

This my Dads (now mine) Agfa Isloy 1 camera.

Agfa Isloy-3

Agfa Isloy

Agfa Isloy-2

Agfa Isloy-4

I’ll be sure to post the photos from my first roll (assuming they are any good)

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