Home Made Straps

I have for some time been struggling to find a strap I was happy with, the fuji affair that came with the X100T is sufficient but lacks something. I have tried a few cheap straps from eBay, and a few expensive ones too, in fact I just received and then packed up again another A&A strap (ACAM 102), just too short and not worth the money really, also didn’t offer the flexibility of use that I like (neck strap and sometimes a wrist strap)

Anyway, some time ago when I had an X10 I remembered I had made my own wrist strap using 550 para-cord, op/tech system connectors THESE, I even sold a few on eBay and they were well received. So I decided to take the concept further and make a neck strap.

I know some criticism has been made of the Op/tech clips but I have never found them to be a problem, they have never released on their own or snapped etc, I do check them every now and then to make sure they are not wearing thin and there is no sign of that. Being thin and flexible at the point they connect to the camera also allows full access to controls, grip etc, some other straps I have found to get in the way a little.

Given the vast number of colours para cord is available in (mine are digital camo and Black) and the numerous tutorials available on the web, youtube etc you are only limited by your imagination. This particular pattern is the Cobra Weave, there are others. It took me a few goes to get it right, and to get the weave at a flexibility that was comfortable, but to be honest I found the process of weaving quite relaxing.

Making your own also means you can make it at a length to suit you. This one is 37 Inches (94cm) (plus the op/tech length) which allows me to carry it round my neck and have room to raise the camera for use, for review of the screen to change settings etc, I can also carry it over my shoulder, or across my body.

In use it is extremely soft and comfortable and flexible, able to be wrapped around the wrist when the need occurs.

Anyhoo, just thought I would share a few pics and the idea in case anyone else out there can’t find the strap they are after. You may want to have a go at making your own!





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