Day 81. On the Right Track

XT-1, 1/80 @ f/10. ISO 200, 18-55mm @ 39mm. Lightroom, 16:9 crop, Matte-Rock preset.

Day 81

Day 81

2 thoughts on “Day 81. On the Right Track

  1. Hi Pete
    You should have called it “On the wrong track”. Notice how the dog is walking on the right track but the guy is trampling the vegetation & making the path wider. This is more important on tracks in the wider countryside where considerable erosion can be caused.

    • Thanks Rog, interesting you say that. The old boy is actually on the path the farmer wanted to encourage people to walk on. He cut back a lot of the vegetation around the perimeter to try and make people walk around the edge and not on his crops. A big wide path around a field that’s about 4K circumference is I imagine a lot of crop space being trampled.

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