Day 13. Smoke Break

Trying to  build my confidence a little to take on more street photography. I’m not keen on the “sticking my Camera in someones face” style that some photographers go for. Would maybe like to approach people more. Doesn’t seem as easy when out for a walk at lunch time as I’m in a suit, much more relaxed dressed down. Confidence will come I hope, practice makes perfect.

Really enjoying the X100T, todays shot is exactlly as I took it, I moved the focus point to put my subject on a third, linking the metering to focus spot is a touch of genius as it exposed the smoker perfectly, and no need to focus/recompose and risk an out of focus shot.

Also shot a few colourful photos using velivia which I will share on flickr.

Be sure to take at look at my 365 Project Photos in “The Daily Shot” page above. Follow me too just click on the link over on the right, takes less than a minute.

Day 12

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