Fuji Remote App with the XT-1

The shot I have posted on “The Daily Shot” for today, Day 4, was taken using the remote app and my fuji XT-1. Its the first time I have used it properly and it proved very effective and will certainly get more use in the future.

What it allowed me to do was to set up my camera quite close to the target area for my shot, in this case a tree stump, sprinkled with meal worms. I then retreated indoors with with a cuppa and waited for something to take the bait, I was hoping for the local Robin but there is little that beats the starlings to food in my garden unfortunately.

I was really pleased at how long the app stayed connected and awake so to speak allowing for a quick reaction, a tap on the phone screen to focus and capture the shot. All straight forward really.

With more time I can see this being quite effective at getting shots where normally the presence of a person would scare away the bird, or other wildlife. I am sure there are endless creative ways that others will or have used this facility too.

Heres the shot I got, not the best as the front bird moved, but a little stuck for time so it was the best of a bad bunch and proved the concept.

Day 4. Remote Starling

Below is a shot of the set up, not elaborate by any stretch of the imagination but wanted to try and give you an idea of what I am talking about, a picture paints a thousand words. The camera over to the left, and the target logs on the right. I suspect the camera could have been closer still, but didn’t want to push it.

Remote Set up

Heres a screen shot of the remote app from Fuji, showing the live view of what the camera is seeing, really very impressed, quick and easy to connect, stays connected and does what its meant to do. Much more user friendly than the offering from Sony.


Feel free to drop me a line if I can answer any questions or help in any way.

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