I Quit !

Well, as of today (18march 2013) I have been a non smoker for over 5 weeks. Having been a smoker for over 20 years I have given up a number of times, but always slipped back into smoking again, but this time feels different.

Now I’m not going to gibber on about how bad for you smoking is, and the numerous other down sides, stinking, no taste, no smell and so on. I just wanted to share with you how I have quit, and that I am confident I will not smoke again. Not only that, it was the easiest it has ever been.

I have tried everything, patches, will power, even months of tablets from the Doctor. But this time I used an app on my iPad, if you’re not an Apple user I sure it’s available on other app stores, or even CD, a quick google search will find it. It was a hypnotherapy course by Max Kirsten. Hypnotherapy may not be everyone’s ideal method, but to be honest anything that could work is worth a try.

If approached with an open mind, and the genuine desire to quit it could well work for you too.

I must at this point say that I have no affiliation at all with Max Kirston or his company, I am just really chuffed to have quit and wanted to share my experience with anyone else wanting to quit.

The program is really simple, basically it involves listening to a 40 minute program once, then a 20 minute program every day for a week, then every other day for 3 weeks. So that’s it, basically make yourself comfy, headphones on and just listen.

I found it really relaxing, stopped instantly, and have had no problems at all. The first couple of days are the worst, but really not a problem, he gives you lots of tips for dealing with any cravings, which are few and far between, after that it really has been easy.

Here’s a link to the app on iTunes, costs less than a pack of cigarettes too!


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