Justcloud, just a Rip off!

Back in October I took up an offer from justcloud, online storage. Did a little research, but not as much as would normally, and to my own cost. It would appear most of the review sites looking at their services are written by them.

I won’t go into great detail, needless to say their service does simply not work as they suggest. They sell their services for online back up. Won’t they don’t mention is that to back up 5GB of data takes 24hours +, yes, 24 hours, and that assumes it doesn’t lock up and stop half way, which it does! So to back up my mac would take over 31 days, uninterrupted!

This is one of many shortcomings, such as the ability, or should I say lack of ability to remove your data once backed up. Oh, you can remove it, but only one item at a time, so if you back up one hundred photos, then decide you don’t want them any more there is no way to delete the folder they are in. You have to delete each individual file, using the convoluted, 23 click process which again locks up part way through each transaction. It takes almost as long as it did to upload them, except you have to sit and go through the very painful process. There are numerous other failings, but can’t explain them all without getting worked up.

So besides their service being next to useless, their customer service is worse. I have been trying to cancel the account since October. To no avail, there are no contact numbers, so no person to speak to, no surprise there. When eventually an email reply arrives, it is an offer to resolve the problem, the problem is I just want to cancel the account and have nothing to do with them again.

Just a warning really to anyone that may read this and be considering using Justcloud.


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