Fujifilm X10. Retro Genius!

Primarily this quick blog is to test the “WordPress” App on my iPhone 4s, and so far, and with no real surprise it’s working well. Nice clear interface with the same intuitive clean feel as their web tool and its obviously been through the rigorous apple quality control process. Very pleased.

Photo below taken on my iPhone, then edited on the superb Photoshop Express app. Maybe a little over processed but deliberately so, I was going for the retro, old film look, in keeping with the style of the camera.

Now then, the Fuji x10. What can I say but it is superb. There are numerous very well written reviews and tests of this camera, I’m just going to say what I like about it. For me, so far, there isn’t anything negative to say, not with the camera anyway but more about that later.

Here it is, my x10. Shown with its first new accessory, a lens hood. An eBay bargain at £6 delivered. Nicely made, matches well and serves a purpose in helping protect the lens from knocks and cutting down any lens glare.

Where to start? I bought the camera as I wanted a smaller, lighter alternative to my Canon EOS 60D for everyday use. To be honest I also fancied something a little different. The X100 would be the first choice but difficult to justify financially.

I already have a Canon S90 too, which is a great pocket camera. But it is exactly that, a pocket camera. I wanted something that would provide good image quality, manual controls and be fun to use. That is why I chose the X10. The slightly larger sensor than other compacts combined with the fujinon lens covers the IQ and you only have to look at it and use one to know how much fun it is.

Just the look and feel of the camera inspires me to use it whenever I can. The build quality has a solid reassuring feel to it. The novel twist the lens to turn it on action works a treat, just a natural action to twist whilst raising to use the view finder or excellent screen to compose a shot. All very fluid and smooth. The manual zoom via the same motion also adds a level of interaction not found on other compacts. Ok, so you can see the lens when using the view finder, so what, for me it adds a quirky charm that I quite like.

I am very happy with the images I am getting so far and assume this can only get better. There is plenty of scope to have full manual control, some great full auto modes and everything in-between.

The only minor negative at the moment, and it is minor, is the lack of support of the RAW files on Apples Aperture software. Not sure who’s dragging their heals, Fuji or Apple but for now I am only able to process jpegs via Aperture. Fortunately the X10 is producing such fantastic results most shots are needing nothing more than a crop so jpegs are fine for now.

Anyway, look out for more shots from the X10. Must give the 60D some attention too which has been a little neglected since the X10 arrived. There’s no comparison between the two of course, very different cameras, which is why for me they compliment each other perfectly.

Bye for now.

2 thoughts on “Fujifilm X10. Retro Genius!

  1. Your story is the same as mine… I too use the 60D and a swag of Canon lenses, wanted something that produced better IQ than my S90 (which is still great to slip into a pocket) and discovered the Fuji X10, fell in love with it – reminding me so much of the quality and feel of my early film cameras – and am still waiting for Apple to sort out Aperture for the X10!

  2. Hi, I’ve got a Canon 60D and a fresh Fuji X10 too!
    I often use it when I go out with my friends…

    Recently it’s been very useful when I was invited to the wedding of some friends of mine.

    I really like EXR mode, it can produce photo with nearly the 60D quality, with a camera that’s 1/4 of its size…

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