Welcome to my first official blog. Enjoy.

Firstly let me begin by saying that I am not a literary genius so apologies now for poor grammar, punctuation and spelling. Having not done that well at school any skills and knowledge I have are life taught. Were this hand written and not being created in its draft form on my iPad there would, I have no doubt, be numerous smelling pisstakes. In hindsight I wish I had paid a little more attention at school, but no use dwelling on that.

What qualifies me to write this blog? Nothing really, that’s the beauty of a blog, anyone can write one and anyone and everyone can choose to read it or not. Why am I writing this blog? No special reason to be perfectly honest, just fancied having a go. It’s almost a kind of therapy, since deciding I fancied writing a blog or two, and researching the numerous tools available to do so it’s been on my mind. What to write? where to post it? will people enjoy it? And so on. So my reckoning is that if I just get it done and out there it will be off my mind. I can then get on with pondering about whether anyone has read it, what they thought about it and what will my next one be about.

I feel it only fair at this stage to acknowledge where this blog started its life, which is on my trusty pocket Jotter pad. LINK HERE

Bought for me by my wife when I declared, “Ooooooo I want one of those” after seeing Professor Langdon in The Da Vinci Code using his. This pad is with me everyday inside my suit jacket pocket. I use it all of the time to make reminders, notes, numbers and anything else I want to recall that my memory has now become incapable of remembering. I rely on it that much that I have a permanent post-it note on my PC at work reminding me to check my note jotter!

There is something ascetically pleasing and reassuring about using a piece of quality card, firmly held in a leather holder and a quality pen to record thoughts, ideas and forget me nots. Ascetics are an important aspect for me in the selection of certain products (more on that later and in future blogs) My pocket jotter also has a convenient slot on the back to store additional cards, a business card or two and a back up fiver! (if you’re not always prepared, you’re never prepared!) It could be considered a little antiquated in today’s age of smart phones, tablets and other electronic gizmos but it is still a firm favourite of mine and always will be. Don’t get me wrong, as a user of Apple products I am aware of the convenience, reliability and aesthetic brilliance that technology can provide.

If you read between the lines throughout this and future blogs you may pick up that I am an Apple fan, and a stubborn one at that. I don’t for one minute intend to justify this. Suffice to say that their products work for me and for what I enjoy using them for. This is not a challenge to hackers out there, but they are also relatively safe from viruses, malware, dodgy apps and the like. I can download apps and software safe in the knowledge that everything that I use will have gone through the stringent Apple quality control process, which I accept is somewhat restrictive and frustrating at times, but that is something I am prepared to suffer. There, I have justified it when I didn’t want to!

As this is my first blog I thought I may take the opportunity to look forward and allude to what may be in my future blogs. You will have noticed if you have looked around the rest of the site, and link to my web site and Flickr etc that one of my main interests is photography. So I suspect that photos and photo equipment may well be mentioned here and there. I consider myself a keen amateur photographer and an avid collector of equipment in the hope that it improves my photography.

I don’t intend to write full length in depth reviews on the equipment I use, there are already numerous reviews written by people that know what they are talking about out there on the World Wide Web. More I intend to give my opinion, and (how and where possible) offer some insight into their ability to conduct the task they are designed to do. Sounds a bit like a review to me but that’s not what’s in my mind. I did warn you that I am not a literary genius. You’ll just have to come back and read further blogs to understand what I do mean.

Conscious that this is now dragging on a little without having said much I will end it here and begin fretting about the next one. Please, if you have enjoyed what you have read and are looking forward to more share this page/my site with your numerous contacts and friends out there in the social media world.

Hopefully be back soon, apologies for not managing your expectations further but back soon is as accurate as I can be.


One thought on “Welcome to my first official blog. Enjoy.

  1. Nice one Pete – really glad you’re blogging too. Sounds like you have exactly the same doubts as I do when putting a blog together. I have to wait for a suitable topic to crop up before I can write one – hence the distinct lack of posts on my blog. I hope to be a bit more prolific once I finish this year’s OU course at the beginning of October though.
    Do you get statistics and other info on who’s been reading your blog? I can use Google Analytics on my self-hosted one which can be interesting.
    Anyway, keep it up mate and I look forward to the next one.

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